Rent the Historic Rutgers House

Looking for a great space for your next event?

Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Tallahassee, the historic Rutgers House is the perfect space for any office gathering or celebration.

The ballroom is a magnificent setting for receptions, weddings, and meetings. Our gazebo, beautiful brick patio, and picturesque front lawn are perfect for outdoor events. Our private parking lot provides ample parking for your event.

The following list details rates for all events. All times include set-up, event, and clean-up. Contact the Venue Manager at (850) 224-3371 for all rental requests and a tour of our beautiful space.

Click here to view floor plans of the Rutgers House.

For more information on rental policies, please see the Garden Center Rules and Regulations.

Tax added to all rental fees excluding deposits

Weekend Rates (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Rental Fee Discounted Fee Deposit
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 9:30 am-11:30 pm $1,285 $1250 $500

Friday or Sunday, six (6) hour rental $540 $525 $500
A six hour rental may not be extended beyond eight hours or it becomes a full day rental.

Weekday Rates (Monday – Thursday) Rental Fee Discounted Fee Deposit
8:00 am – 4:00 pm $310 $300 $500
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm $310 $300 $500
9:00 am – 9:00 pm $515 $500 $500

Wedding Rehearsals (Monday – Thursday) Rental Fee Discounted Fee Deposit
2 hour maximum $80 per hour $75 per hour $250

Additional Hours
Contracted hours $55 per hour $50 per hour
Uncontracted hours $110 per hour $100 per hour
*Additional contracted hours must be booked at the time of contract or no later than 14 days prior to the event and paid for according to the terms of the contract. All other hours will be charged at the uncontracted hourly rate.

The Ballroom, Parlor, Trophy Room, Sunroom, Dining Room, Kitchen, Gazebo, Deck, Patio, and Outdoor Areas are included in all rentals. Tables and china are included in rentals at no charge. Gold Chavari Chairs, Chargers and Linens including table cloths, napkins, and chair covers are available for rent. For ALL events, times include set-up, event, and clean up.

* Discounted Fee applies when paying Cash, Check, Money Order

If the current COVID-19 situation has required you to modify your planned or booked events with us, we want to help. During the current situation, Tallahassee Garden Club can help you re-schedule currently booked events with us.  We also continue to book events for the fall and winter.  Please call the garden club at 850-244-3371 to leave a message for our venue director.   She will be happy to assist you with your plans.