The Third Live Oak Trail

Tallahassee’s largest and oldest living residents are the cause for celebration

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Is a program by the Tallahassee Garden Club. This page has a map of the trail, tree photos, and links to a number of documents, including a coloring page for children and facts about live oaks. This is a permanent place for people to find materials on trees and their nature.

The beautiful and glorious trees of Leon County define our sense of place. We identify strongly with our trees, and the majesty, beauty and history of our trees is felt by local inhabitants and visitors alike.

Planting native tree species is no different than planting exotics. Consider first, the time of year the tree is to be planted. Trees bought from nursery in containers can be planted any time. Trees that are balled-and-burlapped can be planted in winter and spring. If you are moving a tree and it has bare-roots exposed, it should be planted only in the spring.

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YouTube Video

YouTube Video on the Live Oak Trail

Printable Live Oak Trail

PDF of Locations on the Live Oak Trail

To Plant an Acorn

Beautifully spoken word about the Tallahassee Live Oak Trail

Historic and Exceptional Specimen Trees located in Leon County Florida.

Leon Tree’s map of Historic and Exceptional SpecimenTrees. You will find information on historic and exceptional specimen trees in Tallahassee and Leon County Florida’s capitol. Click on the Logo above or HERE to go to the map.

Interactive Map

On the map to the left, click on any marker on the map and it will reveal the beautiful tree and its location on the map.


Click on the Image below for the Third Live Oak Trail Video.

Gallery of Oak Trees